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You've probably found yourself in this annoying situation that I call the Talent Trap... 
The Talent Trap looks like this
If you spend your time, and energy, and focus on doing that thing that you love…

The thing that you're best at, and doing that thing that really makes an impact for your clients and in the world…

Then you probably don't have a predictable enough flow of clients coming in to pay the bills, because you're not consistently bringing new people into your sphere of influence. 
On the other hand, if you spend all your time searching for clients, searching for that next, trying to book that next discovery call, then you're not spending time doing that very thing that got you into business in the first place.
It's like you're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
Now, if you're like most people, you've already tried a bunch of different things to solve this problem.
  •  Maybe you've run Facebook ads 
  •  Maybe you've built complicated online sales funnels 
  •  Maybe you've gone to networking events
  •  Maybe you've spent money on courses, and on coaches, and consultants who have helped you market your business.
  •  And maybe you've hired high-priced service providers or team members that just aren’t good fits…

Only to be left with a big bill at the end - or a big bill upfront - and a lot of promises that don't get fulfilled.

As a result, you remain stuck in this vicious cycle of spending too much time looking for clients, or spending time and money looking for the people who can help you find clients…

And not spending enough time actually being the expert that you are and helping people.
And that’s frustrating because you’ve done so much right to get to this point. 

You know that to get to the next level, you've got to get those problems solved… and I suspect you don't REALLY want do it yourself, but you don’t see a better way.

I might be able to help with that. 

My name is Jessica Nazarali, and please forgive me for [tooting my own horn a little here], but I have the systems, and the processes, and the people in place to get 10 to 20 new discovery calls for your business every single month - with people looking to invest 3,000 to 15,000 dollars or more in order to solve a problem or achieve a goal that they have.
What does that mean for you?
It means if you’re able to close at least 1 out of 5 discovery calls, then I’m willing to guarantee you a minimum of 2 new clients per month.

Obviously, to make this work I've got to be pretty darn picky about who I work with, and my calendar is full very much of the time.

So here’s how to tell if this is something that might benefit you:
  •  If you can take on at least 5 new clients right now… it may be worth chatting.
  •  If you have some experience with phone sales and can close 1 out of 5 calls. You don’t have to be a world class closer, because we can train you up (and many of our partners end up closing about 50% of their calls) - but if you’ve never talked to another human being about working with you on the phone, this won’t be a fit.
  •  If you’ve been doing coaching or consulting at an hourly rate and you’d be interested in transitioning to package rates in the thousands of dollars.
  •  And if you’re like me and would rather work with good people than figure out everything on your own...

So here's what you can do to find out more. Punch in some information about yourself and about your company…

And I’ll get together with you to see if there’s a basis for working together… or not.

We may be, we may not.

Either way, I look forward to getting to meet you in person and getting to know you a little bit better.

So here's what you can do to find out more. Punch in some information about yourself and about your company…

And I’ll get together with you to see if there’s a basis for working together… or not.

We may be, we may not.

Either way, my team and I look forward to getting to meet you in person and getting to know you a little bit better.
I really really love and appreciate the support I've received from Jess. She's always available when I email her about something. You guys even helped me with things that were not a part of Business Mastery. It's not just cookie cutter. You go above and beyond. You don't just treat your clients like a number, you really care. I'm glad that I made the investment in the program. It was a godsend!
Anjna Lal - New Zealand
I feel like Business Mastery has brought life to my business again! When I first started I didn't know where I was going to find clients. Now, I have systems in place to keep everything going even when I'm not in the process of launching a new program. I've breathed new life into my business and I've improved personally and professionally. Through applying the feedback on my sales calls in the beginning of the program my sales skills have really improved, I can see the difference. I have two clients that are paying for my $5k program, which is amazing! I've learned that my price point was not too high, I just had to get on the phone with the right people and Business Mastery has helped me to do that. That paired with the gold nuggets in each and every coaching call has really leveled up my business!
Nagina Sethi Abdullah - USA
It's really been an eye-opener for me and I've changed as a person. The program has made me more confident. I was a bit skeptical of the claims Jessica makes about getting clients but applying some of the techniques from Business Mastery has helped me to acquire clients and has given me the tools to consistently reach out to new potential clients with full confidence in myself and my abilities.
Mosidi Seretlo - South Africia
I was looking for a process that would provide me with a steady flow of discovery calls. Through the process I got to flesh out my signature program and record a webinar (totally out of my comfort zone!) I learned a new sales funnel process that's been generating a steady flow of discovery calls and got 2 ideal clients that paid my new premium price so far! I've become more organized with social media consistency and have experienced the power of the follow up. I felt totally supported along the way, from getting an unexpected perks to working with a coach consistently to keep me on track and motivated.
Kori Burkholder - USA
I enrolled 100+ people bringing in over 6ok! I'm sooo happy I made the decision to be part of this astermind! In th first month being part of it, Jess supported me to launch my program and I enrolled +100 people ringing in over 6ok! I'm finally accomplishing my dream to travel the world while running a successful business that supports the life I always wanted! Hurrah!!
Thanks, Jess!
Luana Mor

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